Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Should I Migrate to a Cloud Hosting Environment?

While launching an online site, they are left with the daunting task of choosing a hosting package that provides safe shelter to our newly launched net site. The net marketplace offers numerous hosting packages such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting etc. While shared hosting is cheap, it's positive drawbacks such as scalability, lack of administrative control & speed. To deal with the shortcomings of shared hosting, users resort to a VPS hosting package. While VPS is a better option, it carries positive drawbacks as well in terms of hardware limitations & shared IP address.

Dedicated hosting appears to be an ideal choice over here to stay immune from all kinds of drawbacks associated with shared hosting & VPS. However, dedicated hosting can show to be damn expensive. Since the server is not shared between numerous accounts, the cost could be out of budget for plenty of start-up companies. Lack of free script is another disadvantage linked with dedicated hosting. Those who have technical knowledge can prepare & install their own script, but others who lack technical knowledge must quench their thirst with the pre-acquired scripts provided by the hosting company.

In the present scenario, cloud hosting appears to be the best of the bunch for over a couple of reasons, which is why web owners are seen migrating to a cloud hosting surroundings to provide a safe home to their sites. Cloud hosting involves the use of hundreds & thousands of interconnected physical machines. This implies that users are literally exposed to countless amount of resources, which can handling immense amount of load without any kind of interruption.

Functionality wise, cloud servers offer great benefits as well. Cloud server supports numerous scripts that regular hosting packages do not. It is thought about to be an ideal pick for companies that don't need to invest lot of funds in logistics. Cloud hosting offers more liberty as you can choose the amount of funds you are willing to spend. You can lower or upgrade the resources based on traffic fluctuation. Cloud hosting allows maximum traffic without walking in to issues such as server downtime, slow net site speed etc. It goes back to the normal mode when traffic falls down, thereby ensuring that you don't pay over what resources you use.

There is absolutely no need to keep all the functions installed on your personal computer because cloud hosting provides you the freedom to choose when & what you need at great ease. The key over here is to choose the right company to make positive that you reap maximum benefits for your choice of migrating to a cloud hosting surroundings. Needless to say, your best bet would be to choose a reputable web host provider that has been in the business since several years so that you are ensured of great quality service. There's scores of new arrivals in the market. In lieu of trying your luck with new providers, you ought to choose a reliable & reliable web host company.

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