Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheap Virtual Web Hosting - Pitfalls

It may be the case that you want to host your site within your afford and searching a web host to fulfill the purpose. In this regard you have come across many hosting terms - colocation hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and a lot! At last you have decided to go for a hosting that is actually a "cheap virtual web hosting". Yes, your decision is right with a point of view that this is reasonably low-cost with better resources on share among few websites!

However, you should know that there can be some limitations on this type of cheap virtual website hosting service! Simply because you are sharing your hosting server with some other businesses, you may see the following pitfalls waiting for you:

First of all, the main issue in cheap virtual website hosting is of sharing space with many businesses. For convenient pricing you are not buying dedicated space for your site or not going for vast cloud based hosting. But in this type of shared hosting your site is vulnerable to face slow performance, if a lot of businesses are sucking the same resource at a time or on peak business hours. Remember the physical resources (RAM, processor and etc) are limited based on your demand!

In most of the cases it is found that the cheap virtual web hosting services are suffering the bandwidth problem! It is again because you may have gone for such a package which does not allow your site to get bandwidth as when required. Besides that the bandwidth may be also shared with a large number of customers (the service provider will not tell you how many businesses are sharing the resources).

Basically this cheap virtual hosting services are built on a single IP address which is shared among several user sites - vulnerable to fall in loose security issues or illegal offenses. For sharing the same IP address, you do not know with which other type of businesses you are sharing your IP. There is always a chance that your site falls prey (not available as IP is banned) for another business is involved in illegal issues (scams, spamming, adult content etc).

Your website may not be available if you have chosen a name-based cheap virtual web hosting. Actually in this type of hosting, the service providers use several name based request to the web servers to show different sites using same IP address. And the system depends on the proper functionality of DNS (Domain name system). If the DNS is not working well the user may use the IP address associated with your site. Here lies the problem! The browser will get the request of the IP which is shared among several sites - and it will not be able to show any site!

For this type of cheap virtual hosting services maintenance is a big issue. The complete maintenance rests on the service provider and they can not go for quick repair of the fault as lots of businesses are running on same hosting platform. Similarly when repairing the services, it takes lots of time to restore to the fast access. Even you cannot request for up-gradation of the hardware and software anytime you require - most probably you have to change your package which means more money investment.

So, hopefully you have understood what the main pitfalls of the cheap virtual website hosting are! You have to be careful before going for this type of hosting. Remember investing less money is not the prime aim of building a website. You have to ensure maximum return on investment in having a website hosted. If hosting is not proper, you will never make most out of your website. You should go for the affordable hosting service - not the cheap one. Above all you could go for cheap virtual website hosting, if you have ensured that you are choosing the most reliable and dependable service provider. Do a little research on the matter and you could reach the best service provider which is providing cheap virtual hosting to remain stable in this highly competitive market.

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